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Welcome to ASKA London, your quintessential African Style with a British Twist online shop. 

It's a great privilege to set up shop at a time when more people are becoming more confident in seeking connections with their African origins or those aspects of their lives that make them feel close to the beautiful continent of African. At a time when more people are becoming more aware of their roots and discovering more about African , the people, the food and culture, it is important to present an intense version of  African interpreted by an African inspired fashion and lifestyle brand that promises to deliver vibrant colours and style consistent with the African style heritage that blends with the lushness of fine British style.


Our Mission is Defining AfroBrit

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At ASKA, we believe in culture fusion- taking aspects of two cultures and blending them together to create a new style. Our intention is to blend African style with a touch of British fashion and style thus creating AfroBrit. We want AfroBrit lovers to experience lushness of African style without having to give up their everyday Brit style. We want to assist our customer to explore vibrant African colours and patterns confidently by providing a variety of African fabric and styles and also demonstrate through consistent  showcase of AfroBrit fusion trend on our social media. Follow our stories and showcase on instagram @askalondon and start creating your next AfroBrit fashion/Home style.

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