We stock a wide variety of African fabrics for wholesale sourced ethically from across Africa as well as London's very own African fabric Market. The African print fabric market is forever evolving with new designs. Sometimes, it can be difficult to predict what is going to be an exclusive design and decide when is a good time to collect a particular African print. Our fabric collection features all-time classic African prints which continue to remain timeless to the international Fashion scene. We also present new fabric design trends in African fabrics which have been crafted to blend with seasonal colours and patterns in the international fashion world. We believe every piece of fabric should be guaranteed for a good number of years and that is why we go all out to source African fabrics from trusted manufacturers who produce premium pieces such as Vlisco; a trusted brand that has been creating distinctive African print fabrics which have had great influence in the African fashion scene since 1846 and renowned for creating unique styles that reflect African culture, pride and status. We also understand that price is not only the determinate of good quality. Hence we stock affordable African prints from the likes of Sonna; makers of supreme wax renowned for good quality at very affordable price.

Part of our commitment is to assist our customers to experience vibrant colours and authenticity of African textiles sourced directly from trusted manufacturers. We have in our team, a very experienced buyer who has been around African fabric and wax for so long and knows what authentic African fabric feels and looks like. Browse our online fabric catalogue and start visualizing your next iconic African print fashion style. Here are a few recommendations to kick start your search based on the experience of our buyer.

Vlisco’s brand of African prints come with a premium wholesale price but also with guaranteed quality and they are worth the investment as they can last up to 20 years with proper care. The brand range of products includes:

Super-Wax: Features a natural two-coloured unique crackling effect on densely woven, fine and luxurious cotton fabric. A third colour can be added to the print but without the unique crackling effect. The process of wax-based batik techniques used to create the print leaves it with a signature style that reflects African pride and status. Wax Hollandais: A very special African wax fabric with one or two core colours fitted in the block design where the designs are placed parallel on the front and back of the cotton cloth. The range and combination of colours used are extremely varied and emphasize the different unique style of patterns and prints that borrow from African culture. Java: A selection of Vintage fabric designs featuring distinctive highly refined style from drawings of early 1846 Dutch illustrators who created interpretations of Batik prints in respect to ancient Indonesian designs. Uni Colours: single colour fabrics presented in a variety of colours. Each piece of fabric has a lush feel on the skin. Looking to create a plain contrast with eventful African textile design, then Vlisco’s uni colour fabrics are the perfect complement for any African fabric combination.

We don't just stock for our online store alone. We also help individuals and businesses source the perfect fabric for design/rejuvenation projects. Get in touch with us to kick-start your next project.