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Our focus is to create lush AfroBrit Style that is refined, distinctive, and beautiful. We ensure all our products are produced to highest standard using authentic African/British materials sourced locally in order to control and eliminate the risk of exploitation of labour witnessed in producing for most big brands.




Read the story of our designer Rosetta Omo Uno Ahmed

My African-ness is a huge part of me that I am thankful for and it gives me pleasure to be able to share some of the interesting aspects that drive my passion for ASKA London brand. One of the main reasons I decided to showcase African Art and culture is to contribute in my own little way, to reviving Ancient African art/history. 

 I am particularly drawn to ancient Benin kingdom art and the great stories of the ancient Benin kingdom. For me, the Bini bronzes have always being objects of great interest with the bronze cast of Idianiyesigie (Idia the mother of Esigie) in the fore front.

For me, Queen Idia is a great representation of feminism in ancient African history.  She is described in history as a woman of royalty who gave a voice to other women at a time when women didn't have a say in the Oba's (King) court. 






 ASKA London’s version of IDIA is a creation for the modern day art enthusiast which helps to deliver our promise to refine and up-scale classic pieces to a luxurious level



 Rosetta is an immigrant of Nigerian origin fully integrated into British society. She is very passionate about cultural preservation and integration and is of the view that beautiful aspects of two cultures can be fused , hence; the motivation behind her AfroBrit fusion creations. Rosetta loves showcasing Afrobrit and spends some of her time teaching black history to primary school children. She also engages with her local community through arts and cultural events where she focuses on assisting AfroBrits who are are having a tough time identifying with their mixed origin. 

As a strong campaigner for fairness for women from her African background, part of her mission is to speak out and shame those terrible aspects of culture that present an easy excuse for society to deal unfairly with women. Rosetta uses Afrobeat and High-life music as tools for her campaign. She goes as far as speaking in her local Nigerian pidgin English to make sure her messages sink in  and impact those affected.  

Visit @askalondon on instagram and support Rosetta in her campaign against unfairness to her African sister and women in general.