Quick glance of previous and upcoming art projects by Rosetta from her London home garage studio.

BEAUTIFUL NOSTALGIA SIGNATURE COLLECTION  a compilation from Rosetta's scrap book art inspired by nostalgic feelings of her beautiful childhood growing up in her maternal home in the countryside in southern Nigeria, west Africa.  All pieces are sustainably made from start to finish in London.



Recycled African wax fabrics and acrylic mixed media on 40x50cm canvas. The ankara print gele (headwrap) represents a black woman's crown, something which was formally a negative representation of slavery. 


Recycled African wax fabrics and acrylic mixed media on 50x60cm canvas created during COVID 19 first lockdown to express mixed feelings of panic, worries uncertainty felt by a mother over her children and wife whose husband's job involved saving lives in the middle of the pandemic. 




80X100cm Acrylic paint on canvas an unfinished project inspired by ancient African masks and faces. The objective of this work is to assist contemporary art lovers see and appreciate ancient African art through modern day interpretation.